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hi—er—ing Man—aj—er • noun

Shot caller, team builder, chooser of teammates

why recfindr?

The right recruiter's worth their weight in gold. The wrong one cold calls you 3 times on a Monday. On recfindr you call the shots. You make the approach. So you can ignore every cold call from now until the end of time.

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On recfindr, the hiring manager calls the shots. Find the perfect recruiter, in the right niche. Judge them on their expertise, not their sales patter or their slick back hair do.

How it works

Search Results

You approach the recruiter

Define your criteria, and seek the right recruitment partner.

How it works

Chat whilst in control

Drop your recruiter the first message about your hiring needs.

How it works

Leave reviews

Review the recruiter you worked with based on their service.

Features & Benefits

Only relevant

Find the right recruiter. Filter by industry, sector and sub-sector to figure out the best person to consult you on your hiring needs. How much their suit costs is irrelevant.

You're in

Recruiters can't bombard you on recfindr. You control who you speak to. When you speak to them. And how. You're A list. We're your digital body guard.

Work with
a specialist

28,000 recruitment agencies have under 5 employees, don't make do with a generalist. You wouldn't in any other part of life, why do it when you're hiring?

Free forever

Hiring managers will always have free, full access to the recfindr platform.

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